Historic Chapel Hill

Historic Chapel Hill


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The Town of Chapel Hill has three local historic districts:  Franklin/Rosemary Historic District, created by the Town Council in 1976; Cameron/McCauley Historic District, created by Town Council in 1990; and the Gimghoul Historic District, created in 1993.

Chapel Hill is a university town and while there are some beautiful older homes, most of the historic area homes are fairly simple compared to those in Southern towns that were formed because of business and manufacturing.  Westwood is a campus area located off South Columbia Street near the UNC Hospital.  It has winding streets and wooded lots with an eclectic collection of homes built from the 1920s up until today.

The area was first populated around 1793 when the building of the university first began.  Over the years some homes built as early as the 1800s have sold in this area and are considered highly prized properties.  The University of North Carolina is said to be one of the oldest public universities in the entire country.  

The University Campus is large and residences are clustered all around the university.  The town has a population that slightly exceeds 50,000 residents.  The town has very much a college feel to it and encompasses approximately 21 square miles.

Historic Chapel Hill includes streets along Franklin Street.  Franklin Street is one of the friendliest and busiest downtown streets in any town in North Carolina. Shops and restaurants abound in downtown Chapel Hill.


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